Gaining Knowledge


A new Dawn is coming……………………



Right, so today I was able to fund the first Initiative on this Project in Tansania via Western Union.

Colleages got up (a school teacher colleague of mine)
and are now on their way to gather as much information as possible. The capital of Dar hold some secrets.

It is possible to get good machinery from Asian countries there. Also visits to other agricultural projects are planed.
Investigation about what kind of problems evolve and what types of seeds grow best. Watering places with pumps

might be necessary as well. In order to get knowledge about the conditions of the land.


I gonna get Probes from earth and water for the laboratory.
This will tell me in what condition the soil is and how to improve its fertility with natural fertilizer (non petro). I collected a lot of information about this in Documentaries the last days, which turned out to be vastly important.

I found some Interesting figures on this subject:

– Sepp Holzer

– Dominique Guillet – Kokopelli

– Vandana Shiva
– Ana Primavesi
– Philippe Desbrosses
– Devinder Sharma
and many more.

You can find extraordinary information in this Documentary: Information that, as far as I am concerned: affect your life: (please don’t shitstorm for only having a german version)

At this stage I am proud to announced that the project has just launched by funding and preparing my Collegues down there,

for their first mission:
– Connect to businesses
– Collect information about necessary funding.
– Find working solutions and photo them!
– Get involved with experts.
– Find distributors for topic related machinery.
– investigate problems.

So we developed a package of ideas and prepared questions.

After sending an mount that exceeds the monthly salary of a skilled worker,
I was told to expect a “strong” report.  🙂
And I can’t wait to hear what is about to come up

If you are interested in this Project, you can help finance it. (Even if it is not clearly described yet, what will happen. Please be patient)
The Project will be displayed on Youtube at with a timetable and aimed goals for the next 12/24 months
as well as possible prospects for the next years, within the next few weeks.

Ecological organic food made possible by the crowd! We hope to hear from you.